**2018 National Girls Homeschool Invitational Soccer   May 3-4

**2018 National Homeschool Invitational
Boys and Co-ed Soccer Tournament

October 25th-26th


$495 per team
Additional team discount is $25

Early Registration ends on 09/01/2017: Save $50/team

Co-ed Rule:
Co-ed teams must have three girls on the field at all times and must have a girl touch the ball in the attacking half before the team can score

Lake Country Fields
Springfield, MO

Each team will get a 3 game minimum but may play 4 games
Round Robin games will be 30 minute halves
Bracket games will be 35 minute halves

Round Robin determination is based on a points system
6 pts for a win
1 pt. for a tie
1 pt. for each goal up to 3 per game
1 pt. for a shut out

Bracket games must end in a winner
1. 2 – 5 minute OT’s Golden Goal
2. Best out of 5 players shoot out
3. Shoot Out Golden Goal (must be different players than #2)

Games will start afternoon of Thursday with a target of early evening ending time
Games on Friday will start around 9:00 AM with a late afternoon finish time


**Event is a Non-Sanction NCHS event allowing Invited Co-ops and Christian Schools


New and Exciting!
Skills Test Competition

Athletes will be able to test their skills versus everyone else with a 3 way skills test

  1. Time taken to dribble – 3 cones turn around down and back 5 yards 10 yards and 20 yards.
    Placement will be against the field the fastest time gets the #1 spot.
  2. Juggling – 1 minute to get the longest consecutive touches
    Placement will the longest gets the #1 spot.
  3. Shooting – 6 shots on goal. Placement is everything the goal will be divided into 6 areas each worth a different amount
    Placement will be the high score gets #1

All three placement values will be added together to get the lowest score to win.

This event will be open from noon on Thursday to noon on Friday.

Cost to enter is $10